How we work

“Victoria House is a safe place to heal and to learn to be a functioning human being again. Great caring environment.”

Victoria House is a stepping stone to make healthier and better informed lifestyle choices through participating in community activities. Clients gain confidence, hope, and skills through education, socialisation, and employment support.

  • People testing their skills on a tight rope walk in the woods

    Our approach

    Victoria House has adopted the strengths-based recovery model.

  • Principles of strength-based recovery

    Strength-based recovery planning emphasizes positive, client-determined approaches.

  • Get help

    What to expect from a visit to Victoria House.

  • Illnesses we support

    Victoria House is funded to provide support for three major mental illnesses. In addition, we can provide support or referrals for several other conditions.

  • Family/whanau programmes

    Our operations reflect the importance of caregivers and family/whanau in our clients’ lives.

  • News

    Get updates on Victoria House programmes, activities, and events.

Upcoming Activities